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Welcome to the administration web site of The Glendale League. Here you can find all the information you will need to do your job as a manager in the league. For fixtures, results & tables please click on the Full Time logo to visit the League's main web site.


Updated 13th June 2015

Club secretaries please fill in the following form with details of secretary or Junior Section contact and Welfare Officer.

Main Club Contacts for 2015/16 Season...

Registration forms for individual teams will be online soon.



Weekly Teamsheets

Every team must complete a team sheet and submit Respect Marks for every fixture. You have until 10pm on the Monday following your fixture to complete this.

Your team sheets are online at The FA Full-Time web site...

Under 8 managers also need to report results and fill in a team sheet. Your result will only be used to grade teams for even competition later in the season. No under 8 results or tables will be published.

If you have forgotten your Full-Time sign-in details email registrations@glendaleleague.co.uk

If you have forgotten your password you can retrieve it at Full-Time.

Please note clubs will be fined £10- for late or inaccurate team sheets.

Reporting Results

The mobile numbers that managers gave to the League have been registered with the FA Full-Time system

You will receive an automated text from Full-Time soon after your game kicks off. At the end of your match you need to reply to it using the exact format shown in the text to report your score. It will only appear on the web site once the same result has been confirmed by both managers. This must be done by 6pm on match days at the latest.

For example if you were the manager of Eyemouth under 10s playing against Wooler U10s at 9:30 on Saturday 24th September you would receive the following text:

FA Full-Time Automated Results: EH11 v WR12, Sat 24 Sep 09:30. Reply with home and away scores exactly in format: H-A e.g. 3-2

EH11 and WR12 are just short codes that help Full-Time identify teams, since Lowick is listed first it is the home team. When you reply to the text it is vital you put the home team's score first. If both teams are from the same club you will need to look at the fixtures to see which is listed as the home team.

Lets say Wooler won the game 7-1. Remembering the "5 goal rule" both mangers would reply;


If Eyemouth won 3-2 the reply would be;


All you need is the two numbers separated by a dash. Your text is read by a computer so please do not add any other characters in your text. Do not mix up the number '0' and the letter 'o' its not the same thing to a computer.

You have until 6pm on match days to send in your score. If you do not receive the text from Full-Time for any reason its up to you to contact the secretary.

Failure to report scores correctly or on time will result in a £10- fine for your club


Registering New Players

Registration forms for players will be available nearer the sart of the new season.

Contact Information - 2014/15 Season.

Right click here to save pdf copy of new contact list....

Version 25th August 2014

Setting-up Rota

As a central-venue league its important that everyody does their share of weekly tasks. The chairman has prepared the following rota to share the work among the various teams in the league. When its your turn try to get at least two volunteers from your squad to help you. It will be best to plan ahead to avoid last minute problems finding volunteers. Bruce Crombie will be available to help you find everything and answer any questions but it is not his role to do any of the work. If you are struggling to find help its up to you to tell ask your club committee for help. As a last resort tell the league chairman Phil Horner if you will not be able to comply. A committee member will need to stand in and your club will be invoiced £15. If your team don't do their task and no notice, or very late notice is given, your club will be fined £30.

Early Duties - Arrive on site by 8:15. Put out cones and signs as shown in picture that will be provided. Help Bruce with any other setting-up tasks as requested.

Late duties - Cones and signs can come in and be put away after the 11:30 games have kicked-off. Stay on to ensure all equipment goes away at the end of play, hockey goals are replaced, no litter is left on the field and everything is locked up.

Click here for a map of where to put signs and cones »»


Date 9:30 Setting Up 10:30 Clearing Away 11:30 Finish

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I make a complaint about another team?
Official complaints must only be made through your club secretary who will put it in writing to the League secretary along with a £10- deposit. If a team manager or parent makes a complaint to the committee your club may be fined. It is important to follow the proper procedure in order to stop trivial complaints that take up a great deal of the committee's time and tends to escalate minor matters out of proportion.

If you are unhappy about the behaviour of your opposition we will note this from your teamsheet and a committee member will be assigned to observe future conduct and may contact you for more information.

2. What about setting up and clearing pitches?
As a central venue league it is important everybody does their part. If your kick-off is at 9:30 you will need to put up one goal frame and help set out the marker cones and respect barriers on your pitch. If you have the last game on your pitch at you will have to help clear away. If you have a 10:30 kick-off please check if there is a game on the pitch after your fixture. If any equipment is left out a committee member will have to deal with it but your club will be invoiced.

Every team will also be assigned a date when they will need to provide a volunteer to either help early morning with setting out parking cone and signs or to stay on at the end to put these away.

3. What are the arrangements for parking?
Every team has been issued with a pass that allows one vehicle to park at the venue - this must be displayed in the windscreen. All other vehicles should be parked at Redpath's yard a short walk from the school. Please make sure all your player's parents understand the importance of not parking in the roads and streets around the school.
4. What are the rules about goalpost Safety?
With 16 goal frames in use there is a significant risk to children if managers are not careful about safety. Never stand up a frame until you have four goal anchors and a hammer ready to secure it. Never walk away from a goal until it is secure. Two anchors must be used on each side frame to make the goal safe. It is the responsibility of all team managers to check both goals for safety before allowing their players on the pitch. Even if you have a 10:30 or 11:30 kick off you must still check both goals yourself for safety before using the pitch. If a committee member discovers an insecure goal, every team that has used that pitch will be fined £20-. No excuses will be entertained by the committee.
5. The League has signed up to the FA RESPECT campaign, what does this involve?
The Respect campaign has made an impact on grassroots football by promoting a better environment especially for younger players. For us at Glendale it means we all need to do our part to make sure players, staff and parents comply with the Respect codes of conduct. As team manager it is important you set a good example for your team. Please also ensure all spectators stay behind the pitch barriers on the opposite touchline from team managers and assistants. At no time should spectators stand behind goal-lines. Remember too that the school is a No Smoking zone. You are responsible for your spectators so please take the initiative to promote best practice.
6. Why are Under 8s and Under 10s not allowed to play competitive games?
They are. Anybody who has watched junior fixtures knows how competitive the players are, regardless of whether or not anybody is recording the score or publishing tables. Because managers do need to worry about winning a league or cup it is hoped it will encourage them to create a more relaxed and child-friendly environment for young players where everybody is given equal opportunity to progress. Please help your player's parents to understand the advantages of long term player development rather than the short-term success of a team.