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Welcome to the Administration Website of The Glendale League

This website is for team managers as well as club and league administrators in the Glendale League. Here you will find a lot of information to help you do your job effectively. Please take some time to read the content of these pages. In common with most leagues there are sanctions for failing to register players, report results and fill in team sheets on time. It is your responsibility to be familiar with league rules. If you have any questions that are not covered here, please get in touch with the committee using the details on the 'Contact Details' tab.

For fixtures, results & tables please click on the Full Time logo to go to our official FA website.


Notices Updated 18th July 2016

All teams wishing to take part in The Glendale League 2016/17 season must now register their team on this site. You will need full details of your Club Secretary (or junior secretary), Child Welfare Officer and Northumberland FA affiliation numbers.

Once you have this, please click here to fill in the form, this link will open in a new window.

Please note, this is one entry per CLUB, not per team. I will put a team registration form on line later in the week.



Rules and Regulations

Complete League Rules For 2015/16 Season... (pdf)

The following changes to the league rules will come into effect for the 2015/16 season.

4b. Goal Safety
  • Referees will now be required to inspect both goal frames to ensure they are properly secured prior to kick-off.
  • If a game is played when a goal frame is not properly secured, each team that has been involved will be fined £25- regardless of which team set-up the goal in question.
  • A team that commits a second offence in connection to goal safety will incur a fine of £50-
  • In the event of any subsequent offense the team manager will be required to attend a disciplinary committee meeting and may be suspended from further involvement in the league.
4f. Under 12 Team Size

The under 9 division is a 9 a'side competition. Teams who are unable to field 9 players must notify the opposition manager by 6pm on the Thursday before the match.

If the team manager fails to do so the opponents will be under no obligation to reduce their team to less than 9 players. No team will be required to reduce to less than 7 even if advance notice is given.

4p. Under 14 Goalkeepers

The previous league rule that prevented goalkeepers in the under 14 division from kicking the ball from hands has been removed. This rule was necessary when under 14s played on smaller pitches but is no longer relevant.

Team Sheets

Every team must complete a team sheet and submit Respect Marks for every fixture. You have until 10pm on the Monday following your fixture to complete this.

The team sheets will be found at Full-Time for all under 8 and under 10 friendly fixtures as well as all under 12 and under 14 fixtures.

Under 8 and under 10 Festival fixtures will not usually appear on Full-Time. For these fixtures the team sheet form will be found on this website.

If you have forgotten your Full-Time username click here to email the registrations secretary or text 07966 722679

If you have forgotten your password you can retrieve it at Full-Time as long as you have submitted a valid email address.

Please note clubs will be fined £10- for late or inaccurate team sheets.

Reporting Results

Soon after a game kicks off managers of both teams will receive an automated text from Full-Time. At the end of the match they should report the result by replying to the text. Results will not appear on the website until both teams have reported the same score so please agree the result with your opposition manager after the final whistle.

For example, if Belford U10s were playing against Seahouses U10s at 9:30 on Saturday 26th September you would receive the following text:

FA Full-Time Automated Results: BFD2 v SEA2, Sat 26 Sep 09:30. Reply with home and away scores exactly in format: H-A e.g. 3-2

BFD2 and SEA2 are 'short codes' that help Full-Time identify teams. Since BFD2 is listed first the Belford score goes before the hyphen. If both teams are from the same club you will need to check the fixture list as the short codes will look similar. A full list of short codes can be downloaded here... (pdf)

Lets say Seahouses won the game 7-1. Both managers would reply; 1-6 since there is a maximum goal-difference of 5 in all divisions. If Belford won 8-2 the reply would be; 7-2

Your text is read by the Full-Time computer so please do not add any other characters in your text. There are no spaces between the numbers and the hyphen. Do not mix up the number '0' and the letter 'o' its not the same thing to a computer. It is important to use a hyphen to separate the two numbers and no other symbol.

A few managers are registered for more than one team. They must add a space and a short code to their text so that Full-Time knows which team they are reporting. In the second example above, if the Belford manager was registered for two or more teams his text would be; 7-2 BFD2

Under 8 and under 10 Festivals will not usually appear on Full-Time since it does not cope well with central-venue competitions. For these fixtures managers should text their results to 07966 722679. Since these texts are read by a human, team names and age divisions should be used rather than short codes.

You have until 6pm on match days to send in your score. Failure to report scores correctly or on time will result in a £10- fine.

Registering New Players

Player registration forms have been sent out to all club junior secretaries along with instructions on how to complete and submit them.

If team managers assist their secretaries in this task please also ask your secretary for a copy of the instructions.

Under 12 and under 14 players must be registered by Monday 7th September in order to be eligible for the first game on Saturday 12th September.

Under 8 and under 10 players can be registered up to Saturday 12th September.

After September 12th, player registrations will be via Full-Time. We will be in touch with all managers about log-in details before then.

Contact Information - 2015/16 Season.

Job Description Name Mobile email
Chairman John Stewart 07401 340340 Click to email
Secretary Leanne Shipley 07500 006703 Click to email
Fixtures & Registrations Bill Blyth 07966 722679 Click to email
Treasurer & Welfare Carol Fawcus 07913 330652 Click to email
Committee Member Tim Fish 07889 215520  
Committee Member Phil Hantman 07971 554029  
Committee Member Paul Seton 07854 481219  
Committee Member Chris Goodwin 07842 075807  

A full list of all team managers and assistants can be downloaded in pdf format below.

Click here for current contact list... (Version 2. 17th August 2015 pdf)

Setting-up Rota

As a central-venue league everybody has to do their share of weekly tasks. Every team in the league will be assigned dates to help with setting up and clearing the site. A team manager can either carry out these jobs or gets other parents to do it on their behalf. It's a good idea to try to get at least two volunteers from your squad to give you a hand. It will be best to plan ahead to avoid last minute problems finding volunteers. If you are struggling to find help its up to you to ask your club committee to deal with it. As a last resort tell the league secretary Leanne Shipley if you will not be able to comply. A committee member will need to stand in and your club will be invoiced £15. If your team don't do their task and no notice, or very late notice is given, your club will be fined £30.

Early Duties - Put out cones and signs as shown in picture in the link below. These should be in place before 09:00

11:30 Duties - Cones and signs are to to be brought back and put in the hut after the 11:30 games have kicked-off.

Late duties - Ensure all equipment goes away at the end of play, hockey goals are replaced, no litter is left on the field and everything is locked up.

Click here for a map of where to put signs and cones »»


Date 9:30 Setting Up 11:30 Clearing Away 12:30 Finish
16th January Alnwick Tigers U8 & Felton Foxes U10 Rothbury Athletic & Rothbury Rangers U12s Seahouses U10s & Lowick Vipers U10
23rd January Lowick Colts U14 & Berwick U14 Rothbury U14 & Tweedmouth U14 Rothbury Raiders U8 & Alnwick Pumas U14
5th February Alnwick Tigers U8 & Lowick Rangers U8 Berwick Bears U10 & Felton Foxes U10 Seahouses U8 & Longhorsely U10
27th February U12s - Alnwick Adders & Wooler U10s - Rothbury Cosmos & Rowdies U10s - Alnwick Magpies & Belford
5th March Lowick Vipers u10 & Berwick Tigers u8 Roth. Cosmos u10 & Low. Ospreys u12 Tweedmouth u12 & Low. Harriers u10
12th March Berwick Bears U10 & Seahouses U12 Roth Cosmos U10 & Lowick Cobras U12 Alnwick Magpies U10 & Tweedmouth U12
16th April Tigers U10 & Wooler U10 Lowick Ospreys U12 & Alnwick Pumas U14 Longhorsley U8 & Longhorsley U12
7th May Wooler U8 & Seahouses U8 Roth. Rangers U12 & Roth. Raiders U8 Roth. Athletic U12 & Eyemouth Pirates U12

Sanctions and How to Avoid Them

The league neither needs nor wants to raise money through fines.

All league administration tasks are carried out by volunteers, most of whom also have duties in their respective clubs. If everybody takes care of their responsibilities for their own teams then running the league is not a difficult task. On the other hand, if they are careless or negligent, it quickly becomes onerous.

Experience has shown that there are three important factors in getting the cooperation of team managers and club secretaries.

  • Provide all of the information that others need to do their tasks effectively.
  • Make it as easy as possible for people to do their tasks.
  • As a last resort, take money from those who demonstrate a lack of interest in cooperating.

Fines for failing to follow league rules are set to be more of an inconvenience than a punitive sanction. We want it to be easier to just do the job properly. Most team managers have been with the league for many years without ever incurring a fine. We try to make it as easy as possible for you to do your job and provide resources like this website to help you.

Notices of sanctions are sent by email to club secretaries. A cheque - cash will not be accepted - must be posted to the treasurer by the date given in the notice. This normally allows 14 days to pay the fine. If the cheque is not received by the due date a new invoice will be sent including an additional £10- administration fee.

An appeal against a sanction must be received in writing from the club secretary within 14 days of receipt of the original notice. A cheque for £10- must be included with the appeal which will be refunded if the appeal is upheld.

Click here for a summary of sanctions... (pdf coming soon)

Documents to Download (pdf)

Right-click links and select "save link as.." to download a pdf version of the following documents.

(Under Development)

1 - Goal safety instructions...

2 - Team manager contact list...

3 - Team "Short Codes" used in Full-Time texts...

4 - Layout of cones and signs...

5 - Pitch layout...

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I make a complaint about another team?
The league committee do want to be kept informed about incidents that cause concern. However there is a proper procedure that must be followed. Never get into a confrontation in front of children and parents at the venue. Even if you are in the right you may be fined for improper conduct. Your first step is to discuss the incident with your own club secretary or welfare officer. If your committee decide that it is sufficiently serious then your club secretary will put an official complaint in writing and send it to the League secretary along with a £10- deposit. This deposit will be returned if your complaint is upheld. If a team manager or parent makes a complaint directly to the league committee your club may be fined. It is important to follow the proper procedure in order to reduce the likelihood of trivial complaints that can take up a great deal of the committee's time and energy.

If the matter is less serious we would ask you to reflect your concerns in the Respect marks you award in your team sheet. A committee member may contact you for more information and we will keep an eye on the future conduct of the individual or team you are concerned about.

2. What are the arrangements for parking?
Every team is issued with one pass that allows the team manager to park at the venue - this must be displayed in the car windscreen while on site. All other vehicles should be parked either at Redpath's yard or at the ground of Wooler FC. Both venues are a short walk from the school. Please make sure all your player's parents understand the importance of not parking in the roads and streets around the school. Although it is not illegal to park nearby, it results in frequent complaints from neighbours and could jeopardise our relationship with the school.
3. What are the rules about goalpost safety?
Portable metal goal frames pose a significant risk to children if they are not used properly.
  • Keep children well away from the goal until you are finished securing it.
  • Never stand up a frame until you have four goal anchors and a hammer ready to secure it.
  • Two anchors must be hammered all the way into the ground on both side frames. There are no possible exceptions to this standard.
  • Never walk away from a goal frame until it is properly secure.
It is the responsibility of all team managers to check both goals for safety before allowing their players on the pitch. Even if you have a 10:30 or 11:30 kick off you must still check both goals yourself for safety before using the pitch. As an additional check all referees must examine both goals for security before kick-off.

If an insecure goal is brought to the attention of a committee member every team that has used that pitch will be fined £25 for a first offense, and £50 for a second offense. No excuses will be entertained by the committee in regard to child safety.

4. The League has signed up to the FA RESPECT campaign, what does this involve?
In regard to youth football the Respect campaign aims to promote a positive environment for younger players to learn the game.

Managers, parents, referees and players all need to do their part, but primarily it is team mangers who set the tone for others. It is very rare that there are significant problems with players or parents if the manager is actively setting the right example.

The Glendale League are committed to implementing the Respect Codes of Conduct that have been produced by the Football Association. Managers should be familiar with these documents as they will be held accountable for the behaviour of their players and spectators.

Please make sure that the Respect spectator barrier is in place before you kick off and that all of your team's supporters are behind it. Only your assistant and substitutes should be with you on the opposite touchline. No spectators should be permitted to stand on either goal line.

The entire school venue is a no-smoking area. This applies equally to outdoor spaces. Please make your team's parents aware of this rule which is a condition of our hire of the school facility.

5. Why are Under 8s and Under 10s not allowed to play competitive games?
They are. Anybody who has watched junior fixtures knows how competitive the players are, regardless of whether or not anybody is recording the score or publishing tables.

The FA have directed leagues to plan a mixture of friendly fixtures and Trophy Events for under 8 and under 10 divisions. Under 8s are allowed three festivals per season, each of which can be played over two fixture dates. Under 10s are allowed to three festivals per season, each of which can be played over four fixture dates. In the Glendale League we refer to these as Autumn, Winter and Spring festivals.

The other weeks of friendly fixtures allow managers and parents to focus less on the pressure of winning and hopefully provide players of all abilities the opportunity to gain match experience. Please help your player's parents to understand the advantages of long term player development over short-term success.